The Lubrizol Corporation

Statistics and Data Analytics Intern • May — Aug 2016

Looked for ways to improve current engine oil testing procedures using linear regression and Bayesian variable selection techniques. Created web app allowing chemists to easily visualize predicted test results for many chemical formulations at once (link below). Assisted members of the statistics team with consulting tasks such as experiment design and presented findings to other departments.

Pennsylvania State University

Graduate Assistant • Aug 2014 — Dec 2017

Held lectures, led lab sessions, and graded assignments for undergraduate statistics courses. Topics include probability, inference, regression, data science and R. Also consulted through PSU's Statistical Consulting Center, providing advice and support to PSU researchers.

Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA

Website Developer • May — Aug 2011, Jun — Aug 2014

Transferred data and assisted in redesign of Wilson College website. Used HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Pennsylvania State University

Master of Science, Statistics • 2014 — 2017

Brown University

Bachelor of Science, Applied Math/Computer Science • 2010 — 2014


Outstanding Support for Undergraduate Statistics Instruction

Penn State University • 2017

Awarded for my work as the teaching assistant for STAT 380, a new data science course at Penn State.

First Place, R Shiny Contest

Penn State Statistics • 2015

.Created an interactive tool to help students understand the correct interpretation of confidence intervals. See below for a link.

Academic Papers and Presentations

Joint Statistics Meetings

Baltimore, MD • 31 Jul 2017

Bayesian semiparametric covariance function estimation for stationary Gaussian processes by overwhelming force. Presentation based on graduate research focusing on spatial statistics. Estimating covariance functions of stationary Gaussian processes in a fully Bayesian framework. While computation costs of the algorithm can be high, they are alleviated by parallelization on a GPU.

Advisor: Dr. Ben Shaby, Pennsylvania State University

AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings

Baltimore, MD • 16 Jan 2014

My life as a Tweet Word. Through Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Visualizing most talked-about topics on Twitter using dynamic graphs. Involved graph theory, semantic analysis, statistics, and extensive Java programming. Selected to present at the AMS Special Session on "Big Data: Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Tools, Services and Training".

Advisor: Dr. James Abello, DIMACS, Rutgers University

AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings

San Diego, CA • 11 Jan 2013

Paleoclimatology. Through REU program. Used tree ring measurements correlated with global temperature data to estimate climate patterns of the past several centuries. Involved linear algebra concepts, singular value decomposition, data mining, and programming in MATLAB to estimate global climate patterns of the past 800 years. Presented at the AMS Session on Undergraduate Research in Applied Mathematics.

Advisor: Prof. Timothy Sauer, George Mason University

MAA National Summer Meeting

Portland, OR • 6 Aug 2009

Presented A Numerical Study of an SIR Model, Student Contributed Paper Session. Involved systems of differential equations, numerical analysis, and MATLAB programming, and implementation of a model in the context of real data related to the rubella virus.

Advisor: Dr. Luis Melara, Shippensburg University

Eastern PA and DE Section of the MAA

Collegeville, PA • 8 Nov 2008

Presented How to Lose at Chutes & Ladders, Student Contributed Paper Session. Involved independent study of Markov chains relating to optimal strategies for variations on the popular board game "Chutes and Ladders".

Advisor: Dr. Kathryn McGivney, Shippensburg University

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