Visualizing Confidence Intervals

An aid for students in an undergraduate introductory statistics course. This interactive Shiny app is meant to illustrate the correct interpretation of confidence intervals.

Has Your MLB Team Been Wasting Their Money?

This Shiny app was made to accompany one of my earlier blog posts. It shows the wins of every Major League Baseball team each year from 1985 to 2015, compared to how many wins they would be expected to have given how much money they spent on their players relative to the other teams in the league.

QuickPredict Charts

This is a tool I created during my summer 2016 internship with The Lubrizol Corporation. The statistics team has built a collection of models to predict the outcomes of various mechanical tests. Previously, the results of these predictions were collected into a spreadsheet. This made it difficult to quickly compare the results against one another. My tool plots the data instead, allowing for fast and easy comparisons.

Wibold's Ludus Regularis

A dice game originating in 10th century Flanders. This applet was created to accompany an article in Convergence, a publication from the Mathematical Association of America that focuses on the history of mathematics.